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6 Handmade tribal Afrocentric Pieces

Welcome to our one stop shop tribal African accessories online collection. Once  you have chosen your perfect style to your content, head over to Queenzuri  luxury cosmetics for more of what your heart desires. African accessories will always be in vogue and ready to accent your next outfit of choice. We've put together 6 different African accessory categories plus tips for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Headwraps can be perfect to add an extra dash of color to your outfit and are great when you are having a bad hair day or simply need to get on the move quickly without spending laborious amounts of time doing your hair until it's just perfect.

Tip: Wear more plain colored and simple clothing when you are planning to accessorize with a colorful headwrap or any other African accessory. The plainness of the outfit accessories by brilliant splashes of color can make any outfit come to life and sparkle! Another approach would be to wear partially plain clothing mixed with clothing with both color and pattern design that matches your headwrap. For example, You could wear a colorful pencil dress, a plain blouse that is tucked in, and then top it off with a nice headwrap for a beautiful and colorful look.

If you want an alternative to a headwrap consider an African print scrunchie that you can wear with an array of hairstyles like a bun up top or a nice ponytail. An on a quick note, give COVID19 you should consider getting an African print face mask.

African print earrings are stylish and come in a variety of patterns and styles. From dangle and beaded earrings to hooped or studded, Afrocentric earrings can add a splash of color to your outfit. You could wear plain clothing and then accessories with bright colored print earrings or you can get earrings that match your outfit.

There are tons of website and social media sites that you can peruse at your leisure with a seemingly endless selection of earrings. You can even purchase your earrings through the UNICEF Market where your hard-earned money goes to support UNICEF and children in need.

So a little bit of history here...traditionally African tribes have work-beaded bracelets to project beauty, strength, and wealth. They are also used to indicate marital status, how many children they had, and more. If this history is of interest to you then you can read much more online with a simple search.

You can purchase these bracelets online with the original maker of the bracelet being a member of a tribe in Ghana for example. There is authenticity at its finest! Bracelets can be colorful but also minimalistic with simple greys and blacks. Just like the rest of your outfit, you may wish to go plain when it comes to the bracelet and add more color when it comes to your other accessories.

African hand-made beaded necklaces go perfectly with plain colored cloths and are very versatile. You can wear them as part of a more casual look or they could be worn in a more formal setting. If the setting is formal, consider wearing a beautiful black dress and pair it which a wonderfully rich colored, blue necklace. Certainly, a style pattern that is bound to stand out.

At this point, we haven't mentioned gift-giving and African beaded necklaces are a perfect give for a friend or relative, especially if you know their favorite color. Also, African-style accessories, as you may have already noticed, are generally cheap so why not buy more than one!

Up until the 17th century, pockets didn't exist and thus handbags have been used for many, many years. They are perhaps one of the most marketable fashion products for a woman. African print handbags are made of Ankara fabric and have been particularly popular in West Africa year-round. There are also other types of leather handbags and other handbags made from animal skins. Often women in a tribe will make these types of handbags from their animals.

Handbags can be plainer but others offer vibrant color but even more than vibrant color, they offer wonderful themes and patterns like coral/ocean patterns with shells and other floral patterns and beyond. While leather handbags can be a bit pricier, these handbags are still relatively affordable meaning you can buy more than just one!

Makeup bags
These smaller bags are often colorful and filled with style. You can find ones that match a particular handbag you own or you can get them as a gift for somebody else. Having a stylish handbag accompanied by a makeup bag makes a woman feel stylish, confident, and strong.

For more African accessory ideas visit Pinterest, Instagram, Etsy, or your other favorite African fashion websites and have fun accessorizing! 

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