Redefine our shackles with mother earth's handmade accessories

Updated: Apr 12

The African jewelry and handmade accessories history dates back 75,000 years ago when ancient Africans made use of pea-sized snail shells as beads. Our #1 goal at QueenZuri is to continue the origins of African Jewelry with great quality organic material. Isn't that exciting?! We are now able to share the true tradition of our inner Afrocentric style more than ever before.

African jewelry is known for its beauty, authenticity, and great quality. Beyond their use for self-adornment, these pieces also have a cultural significance. African blackwood jewelry indicates an individual’s beauty, strength, wealth, power, and standing in society. No wonder so many have fallen in love with our South African Jewelry collection. When the movie “Black Panther” debut, everyone went to the movies expressing their interpretations of black fashion, and proudly dressed from head to toe in traditional African clothing, big bold African jewelry, and dashikis. Even the African blackwood bangle bracelet was a big hit in our QueenZuri online Afrocentric shop. Embracing and sharing Afrocentric roots are very fulfilling. Rest assured, the QueenZuri e-commerce shop will be open 24/7 for your African Queen personalized gift supplies for her.

There is nothing like being in touch with our roots and culture through African fashion. For us, rocking a beautiful African blackwood bangle bracelet is the true essence of black fashion.

Like you, we are excited to see this African fashion evolve. QueenZuri is inspired by you, powerful men, and women who are bold to fully embrace their roots. Additionally, finding African fashion for men is extremely challenging, but with your support, our new product launch will be catered to gentlemen.

There is no reason for one culture to be suppressed, or for us to be divided, let us share our Afrocentric style with others. Let us celebrate a vision of blackness that is free of the stifling effects of inequality.

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